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  • E.L.M.P.
    The ELMP project is the creation of a stand-alone MP3 player for a home stereo system. The hardware design is pretty much complete and the software is coming along quite nicely also. All software and all information needed to build the hardware will be freely available on this website as soon as the prototype is finished, and anyone with moderate electronics skills should be able to construct their own E.L.M.P compatible player.

  • Music Player
    The objective of this project is to develop a device for an already available stereo system, which can play compressed Mpeg3 music files, and normal audio CD's.

    Processor: AMD K6 200Mhz
    RAM: 16MB
    Harddisk: ~300MB
    Motherboard: PCM-5862
    Network card: Realtek 10Mbps (on Board)
    Sound card: ESS 1868/1869 (on Baord)
    Graphic card: C&T 65550 (on Board)
    CD-Rom: Acer 4x
    Power supply: Astec LPT 62
    Display: 20x4 char. LCD
    Others: Lemps
    Dimmensions HxWxD: 7cm x 35,5cm x 28cmx
    Operating system: SuSE Linux 5.3 (Kernel 2.0.35)
    MP3-Decoder: xaudio
    (Thats all the info I could decipher, because the majority of the site was in German...)

  • MPegCD
    This mp3 player kit consists of a 586cyrix on a 486pci mb with 16meg of ram, a cd, case, power supply, led read out, sound card, and runs a DOS 5 (MPXPlay) mp3 player. It can be purchased as a kit from Germany for 79 Deutsch Marks.

  • XIMP
    The XIMP is an external user interface for MP3 and other players. It has 16 (max. 20) keys and an alphanumeric or graphical LC-Display. It comes in a version for parallel or serial port. You can use it to build a standalone MP3-Player out of an old (Pentium) Mainboard with a harddisk and/or CD-ROM. XIMPlay is the player software for XIMP.

  • Zamp
    Not sure what all is contain in This Swedish mp3 player kit. Its another pc based player kit with all the details. Couldn't make heads or tails of the website other than it runs Xaudio under RedHat with a infrared remote. I don't think it is completed or available yet - just a project page with plans.

    Other Links
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  • Home MP3 Cd Player Project page with pictures.
  • DSP-based decompressor A dudes thesis on A DSP-based decompressor unit for high-fidelity MPEG-Audio over TCP/IP networks. (most cool).
  • MP3 Cd Player Project page.



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