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MP3 Midi Software

*Software you can use to convert MP3 to Midi and Midi to MP3.

Free Trial Download
[164KB Windows]

Midi 2 Wav Recorder  

Summary:  Convert MIDI files to Wav with one button push, can record your voice as WAV through microphone and use software to provide MIDI accompaniment. Can use a separte mp3 encoder to convert WAV to MP3. Very low registration cost.

Trial Limits: Can't save MIDI files, only 10 seconds of WAV         Registration Cost: $14.95

Free Trial Download
[255KB Windows]

Akoff Music Composer

Summary:  Compose Midi music through the software without keyboard. Sing into microphone and software will convert to Midi. Send any audio through the software and it will convert to Midi format through special recognition technology.

Trial Limits: Can't save MIDI files.         Registration Cost: $29

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