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Blade MP3 Encoder

Blade is an extremely fast command line mp3 encoder.
Based on the iso source code. Sourcecode available under the LGPL-license. Full support for pipes and redirection (stdin and stdout).
Runs in win95 console mode with a large selection of graphical frontends available like Blade Batch at the right. Commandline based, makes it easy to include BladeEnc into BAT files and shell scripts. Wildcards supported. You can for example encode all WAV-files in a directory by typing "*.WAV". Task priority can be set from the commandline and is by default set to LOWEST so that you still can use your computer effectively while encoding (Windows & OS/2 only).

Rock solid with high bit rates and excellent quality. Stereo or Mono output. Can downmix to Mono on the fly.

Also available in Linux, BSD, Sun, Solaris, Sparc, Irix, SCO and Alpha flavors.


Blade: V.91 : Win95 Win98 WinNT Linux DOS : (release status: Freeware)


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